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«Almost 20 years ago, I accidentally saw huge balloons from a hotel window and fell in love with aeronautics. Since then, we have managed to create a ballooning society "Montgolfier" and set 10 Ukrainian records with a team of professionals, open the only Pilot School in Ukraine, to organize the festival "Montgolfieria" and the main thing - to realize the dream of our customers.»

Sergiy Skalko,
company director

Have you ever made someone's dreams come true?

Feel yourself a magician - make a dream of someone special come true with a gift - the certificate for a balloon flight.. That’s one of the most bright and unforgettable impression!
Choose a type of the flight and our managers will tell you the details.


Romantic flight

Create the romantic atmosphere for your sweetheart and give a superb gift experience that will be eagerly awaited and remembered for years to come. 6 professional photos are included in price!
The price is for two.

9790 uah.

The flight for two

A wonderful surprise for someone special - balloon flight with exploration of beautiful nature from a balloon view during sunrise or sunset.
The price is for two people.

10000 uah.

The group flight

Treat your partner, family or a friend (or even yourself!) to an amazing hot air balloon ride and give a superb gift experience that will be eagerly awaited and remembered for years to come. You can order a place in the balloon basket for 1 till 8 people.
The price for the flight is for one person.

3900 uah.

Piloting a balloon

Want to get more impressions than just balloon flying? Combine the possibility of flight for two with an exclusive possibility for piloting. During the flight pilot-instructor will teach you the basics of piloting a hot air balloon.
The price is for two people (also you can order the flight for 3 and more people).

10990 uah.

A gift certificate

Thinking about a present for friends, family or colleges? Surprise them with an unusual gif - the certificate for the balloon flight. The certificate will be decorated with a special gift wrapping.
The price depends on a type of the flight.

3900 uah.


Make one of the most important moments in your life unforgettable! Aeronautic Company “Montgolfier” team will make your wish come true and organize amazing celebration during your flight.
The price is for two people

10990 uah.

The flight above Kyiv

Kyiv – is one of the most beautiful world’s cities. Enjoy the city from a bird's-eye view together with someone special. Aeronautic Company “Montgolfier” is the only company, which organizes the flights above the capital.
The price is for two people.

22200 uah.



We are the founders of tourist aeronautics in Ukraine and we are proud of it.
For each of us, the sky is the meaning of life. We will gladly share this happiness with everyone.



icon1500 hours of the flight

iconRecord flight to a height of 4 956 meters



icon1700 hours of the flight

iconMember of the Ukrainian national team since 1996, record-holder



icon500 hours of the flight

iconPilot, Aeronautic Company "Montgolfier"



icon200 hours of the flight

iconPilot, Aeronautic Company "Montgolfier"



icon200 hours of the flight

iconPilot, Aeronautic Company "Montgolfier"

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Rating "EXCELLENT" from our clients

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April 2021

Jack Daniel

It's incredibly cool!

April 2021

Ivan Oskirko

Thank you so much for the unforgettable emotions.

February 2021

Alena Romanova

Surprisingly! Emotions over the edge, a sea of positive! Thank you to the wonderful team for the coordinated work!

January 2021

Vadim Sirenko

Have a great time! thank you for the flight and support! special thanks to the director - worked 100%) it's great that aeronautics is developing in Ukraine and that this is what experts do) I will definitely recommend!) unforgettable impressions and atmosphere.

October 2020

Oksana Ishchenko

If you want to get incredible emotions, then this is where you can get them. A professional team will lift you in the sky in a balloon over our beautiful Ukraine

September 2020

Evgeny Fedorko

A very responsible attitude towards the client, very interesting events after the flight. The guys are professionals and it is obvious that they like what they do. Respect

september 2020

Elena Mazurets

I liked it very much! Thanks to the whole team for making this little dream come true. Special thanks to our pilot Dmitry for an exciting flight! Good luck and prosperity to your business.

August 2020

Mykhailo Dykun

Great guys, a lot of emotions, I recommend to everyone

August 2020

Christy Naumova

This is amazing! We flew into the fog, we thought we would not see anything, but it turned out that we then rose above the clouds and it was amazing! I advise! Give it!!!

August 2020

Viktoriia Melnyk

Great experience, really liked it! Guys are professionals

August 2020

Vsevolod Nemchenko

Everything was just wow. Liked very much. At the base there is an opportunity to drink morning coffee and visit the galleon (if necessary). Then the administrator introduces you to the curator, who will take you to the starting point .... The flight is mesmerizing, time flies imperceptibly, but the view from above is just super ... landing and then dedication in the aeronautics. Very fun, as a gift - just great. Thanks!!!!!

July 2020

Andriy Berendieiev

The flight was very exciting, pilots are very gentle and professional, all dishes are very yummy, waiter is very polite, and the overall atmosphere is relaxing. Fresh air, wonderful sightseeing, clean and well-organized territory. Feels like montgolfier's team is well organized by their leader - Sergey Skalko. I would definitely recommend to come here and get a portion of unforgettable experience.

July 2020

Natalia Kornienko

It's been half a year as I write a review) In fact, everything is at a pretty good level, we were delighted! The organization of the flight lasted more than one day, important weather conditions, etc. Therefore, if you want to fly immediately, it will not be) you need to be patient and wait for day X) The pilot told quite interesting stories and the whole flight was fun) If you're scared, it is safe with a reliable pilot and not scary) At least once in a lifetime worth a try

July 2020

Olga Motsna

It was very emotional, exciting and, of course, beautiful !!! Cool is probably the most correct word to describe flight! During takeoff, the adrenaline rush, and during the flight you relax, start to get high and enjoy the stunning views! I would like to say a special thank you to the pilot and the whole team - it is clear that people like their job and live it !!! Therefore, I want to come back here not only for impressions and emotions, but also to these people with burning eyes! Well, the process of becoming an aeronaut is a whole mystery that impressed us along with the flight !!!! In general, thanks for the amazing experience, we will definitely come back to you !!!)))

July 2020

Julia Kondratseva

This is incredible !! Gorgeous! I feel like I was born again!)))

July 2020

Natalia Yarmolenko

Recommend. I liked the flight very much. Thank you for the storm of positive emotions. You have fulfilled my dream.

August 2020

Serg Yermakov

The impression is huge, especially the coherence in the work of the organizing team. Everything is very clear. Super!

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In winter (as well as late autumn and early spring), balloon flights take place throughout the daylight hours.

But in summer balloon flights are possible either in the early morning (after dawn) or in the evening (before sunset).

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Our air base is located near Kiev in the Makarov district, the village of Kolonshchina, Shevchenko 6A street.  The flights are possible there.

Detailed GPS coordinates: N 50 ° 26'33 ", E 29 ° 57'37".

Also we make flights over Kiev, other Ukrainian cities and different countries.

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All flights are controlled by the control services and the altitude limitation depends on the air traffic management organizations. Also, the altitude of the flight depends on the speed and direction of the wind along the heights. Typically, the maximum height is between 500 - 1000 meters.

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A hot air balloon ride with us lasts for around an hour, but it can last 45 or 90 minutes depending on the wind speed and direction, the atmosphere temperature and availability of appropriate landing area. Our main priority is safety. Also the waiting for the flight at the air base can be prolonged (up to an hour) due to unforeseen conditions (fog, increased wind, airspace usage by military aviation, etc.)

A balloon flight is a step towards a dream

A balloon flight is an unforgettable trip for those who want to surprise their soul mate, make an unforgettable gift to a friend or independently have fun and an unusual time. One of the brightest events of a person's life can become a reality for you. Traveling on a balloon in the summer is possible in the early morning or at sunset. This is due to the fact that during the day the earth is very warm, the air becomes excessively hot, which prevents the balloon from rising normally. In autumn, winter and spring, take-offs are possible in the daytime.

Walking in a hot air balloon will bring you great pleasure and will give you a lot of pleasant impressions. You can enjoy the original air travel with your loved one or as part of a group. When ordering an individual flight for two persons, only the pilot will be in the basket of the thermal balloon. Also, you have the opportunity to book a flight for three or more people. At the disposal of the aeronautical society "Montgolfier" is the largest balloon in Kiev and throughout Ukraine, with a basket that is designed for 8 seats. When ordering a group flight, with you in the basket will usually be 3-5 people, including the pilot. Group Aeroexcursion does not differ in any way from the individual, except for the cost and number of passengers.

Flight in a balloon Kiev, Kiev region, Kolonshchina, Makarov, aeronautical tours and much more - all this is organized by the aeronautical society "Montgolfier". Our organization gives pleasant and unforgettable impressions to its passengers every day, subject to the necessary weather - wind up to 3-4 m / s, the absence of heavy precipitation. We fly in the Makarov district of the Kiev region. It is there, in the village of Kolonshchina, where our legendary air base is located, where the recreation area and air cafe are located. There, you will get to the real aeronautics museum and you will be able to get acquainted with the achievements of the Aeronautic Company "Montgolfier". The geography of our flights is not limited to the region. Particular attention deserves flights over Kiev. Flying over the capital, you will discover the city from a new perspective. Kiev - one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is especially beautiful from a bird's eye view.

With us you can ride a balloon with the most experienced pilots, many of which are the record holders of Ukraine. One of the pilots is Sergei Skalko is the main ideologist of Ukrainian aeronautics, a record holder, a member of the Ukrainian national team, a pilot instructor of the School of Pilots "Kyiv Aeronautic Society".

For companies that want to arrange a holiday for their employees, it is possible to rent a balloon, as well as rent a balloon. We constantly organize mass starts of thermal balloons. Our resources allow you to simultaneously lift up to 20 balls in the sky. That's why, large companies organize corporate rest, team building, they spend time with their employees in an original and casual way.

We invite everyone to fly in a balloon in Kiev and the Kiev region. It's not cheap, but very exciting. Welcome to the world of aeronautics!